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Stinson Beach is a pristine area protected by the National Park Service along with Muir Woods National Monument. The white sandy beach stretches beneath steep hills rising to Mount Tamalpais with views of the sea. Stinson Beach is a remote beauty hidden in the coastal bluffs about 20 miles North of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. It is open to the public all year from 9:00 AM to Sunset. Swimming is advised only from late May to mid-September when lifeguards are on duty.

While traveling the beautiful Hwy 1 leading to Stinson Beach, you will find awes and oohs at every twisty turn. This is a famous hwy for bike riders, and lots of travelers who stop along the hwy to have a better look at the magnificent panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Each year thousands of tourist from all over the world flock to Stinson Beach to be inspired by the beauty that this Nature's Paradise has to offer.

 Just offshore, salmon migrate in a north-south route in late summer and that attracts sea lions, and in turn, great white sharks. Sightings are common in late summer and early fall.

Come stay with us at the Stinson Beach Motel, and experience for yourself the relaxed atmosphere of this quaint little town.  Stinson Beach is one of the top destinations for travelers wanting to experience what California is truly all about. Leaving the fast paced life behind, and setting out to create memories that will truly last a lifetime! We look forward to helping to make your stay a memorable experience.

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Relaxing Ocean Sounds w Seagulls
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